Tough As Nails

Tough As Nails

Jesus’ purposed in this world was to become a sacrificial lamb for our sin. He did not get distracted from this mission, maintained focus continued His ministry, never got off message even when He was misunderstood. Jesus fixed His face toward the location where He would make the ultimate sacrifice with a tough as nails mindset. In this series we will explore how we can be like Jesus and live of service that expresses that we too are tough as nails!

We need to choose grit over quit in serving our world - Getting ready for a Summer of Service

Luke 9:51 (YLT) 51b ………he fixed his face to go on to Jerusalem,

Week one - Choose grit over quit in your –Mission

Luke 9:51 (YLT) 51b ………he fixed his face to go on to Jerusalem,

Jesus resolutely set his face toward Jerusalem, embracing His mission. We are called to participate in the mission of Jesus to make disciples and must make the decision to embrace the mission as well. We have to persevere in that mission no matter the adversity we face. Southside Church personally conveys that mission by impacting families to transform our world. It can be a tiring and monumental goal but trusting that the mission rests in God’s hands and in God’s power gives us the confidence and strength to persevere.

Take Away: How can you intentionally focus on the mission of Jesus and set aside distractions?

Week two - Choose grit over quit in your – Ministry

Mark 9:16-29 Jesus tells the father to believe and the disciples to pray. Jesus is telling them to have faith and put in the effort to do what God is calling them to do. Don’t quit, have grit! See your ministry through! Jesus didn’t fire them for their failure, instead he had patience as they developed and encouraged them to keep taking steps of faith.

Take Away: Don’t quit, have grit in taking steps to fulfill the ministry Jesus is calling you to.

Week three - Choose Grit over quit in your – Message

There is so much in our world that can tempt us to get off message, Jesus never lost His focus, He maintained His message until it was fulfilled. Let’s stay focused and keep the focus on the message of Jesus. Chose grit to not get caught up in messages that take us away from the message of Jesus!

John 4, Woman at the well trying to change the subject and argue about religion instead of directly responding to Jesus’ message. Jesus stayed on point and redirected her back to the Gospel.

Matthew 16:21-23, Jesus said he must go to Jerusalem to be crucified. Peter said no, but Jesus rebuked him and stayed true to the message.

Take Away: Don’t quit, choose grit to stay on the message of Jesus.

Palm Sunday - Week four - Choose Grit over Quit when you're – Misunderstood

Jesus never wavered when people misunderstood His message, He stayed the course and continually communicated in ways that people could relate with. We need to never waver and continually share the message of Jesus even when we are misunderstood.

Nicodemus – born again. Didn’t understand what Jesus was teaching or offering to him.

Take Away: Choose grit, don’t quit when people misunderstand our message or our efforts.

Good Friday - All Grit, No quit, it is finished!

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