There's a Psalm For That... Series

There's a Psalm For That

4 week Sermon Series: There’s a Psalm For That...
Life is difficult and all of us struggle with how we should feel, what we should think, and how we should respond when it is hard. In this new sermon series, we will discover that no matter what happens, There’s a Psalm for That. Most of the Bible speaks to us but the Psalms are unique – they speak for us. The Psalms are given to us as a way to talk to God about our souls. In this series, we will dive into four different Psalms and discover four conversations they lead us to have with God about ourselves, and our hearts, that will change our lives forever.

The four sermons are:

Week 1
Title: Sold Out: Psalm 119 for Buying In to God’s Word
Subject: Devoted / Sold Out to God’s Word
Scripture: Psalm 119
Focus: Living Sold Out to The Word of God and a desire to know it and live it more and more
Purpose: Our people would realize that only when we love God’s Word and embed/hide it in our heart will we really understand Him and live with God in faith and obedience.

Week 2
Title: Fret Reset: Psalm 34 for When You Feel the Weight of the World
Subject: Fretting, Anxiety / Peace
Scripture: Psalm 37, Psalm 55:22-23, Psalm 69:15
Focus: Fret reset means letting God handle the evil around us and not feeling as if we have to fix everything around us. Looking to God and not being anxious about what the world around us is doing.
Purpose: Our people would realize that God doesn’t want us to fret -instead He wants us to trust that He will handle the evil in the world.

Week 3
Title: True Confessions: Psalm 32 for When You Have Done Wrong
Subject: Repentance, Forgiveness, Restoration
Scripture: Psalms 32:1-6; James 5:16
Focus: Like David, we hide instead of getting real with ourselves, God, and someone else.
Purpose: Our people would come out of hiding, come clean with God and experience the freedom that God wants to provide

Week 4
Title: Without Regrets: Psalm 90 for When You Are Spread Too Thin
Subject: Priorities and living Regret Free
Scripture: Psalm 90, Ephesians 5:11-16
Focus: Starting with the 'big rocks' gives us focus to our priorities.
Purpose: Our people would recognize they are responsible for the use of their time and God wants us to prioritize the most important things