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We can choose to swim in the shallow end of relationships or go to the deep end where relationships take on a whole new meaning! Spiritual growth happens when we take the risk to form deep spiritual friendship that sharpen us and help us achieve our true purpose in life. We go further faster when we realize no one climbs alone.

Week 1 – Relationships – Going deep


School of Christian Ministry


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In hope of a graceful event

Installation of Phillip Davis

Assistant Professor of Theology

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cobb Worship Center


Synthetic Kingdom: The Seduction of Idolatry

This thesis argues that it is only through a reordering and redirecting of its love towards the highest good, which is God, and with the help of the Church as a guide to do so, that humanity can once again enjoy the purpose for which it was created – love of God and love of neighbor. Saint Augustine’s City of God offers a discussion of how this state of ordering came to pass through comparing what he categorizes as the earthly city and the heavenly city.


Life's Supreme Choices

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
R. T. (Roy Tilman) Williams

This brings to light how to deal with responsibility in making choices, mistakes, and finally, some suggestion and princples to guide people safely through the crises of their lives.

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