Relationship Status

Wynne Lankford
Relationship Status

Relationship Status

You have heard the phrase “Facebook Official,” which means you are not really in a relationship until it is indicated in your status on Facebook. You can say your single, in a relationship, or even it’s complicated. The way culture defines relationships can be radically different from what God designed or desires. In this series, we want to explore your relationship status!

Week one: Status confusion

There is often pressure in our culture to define and validate the status of any relationship. This pressure has bread confusion as it relates to the way we were designed how we express our sexuality and how we called by God to relate to one another. God has hardwired us for relationships and has a clear plan for our sexuality.

Take away: Return to God’s design and desire for relationships

Week two: Single or in a relationship

Our culture likes to broaden the definition of romance in a relationship to mean many things. Not everyone is called to be in a romantic relationship, being single is even encouraged in scripture. Yet when you desire to be in a romantic relationship there is a very specific framework for how romantic relationships are formed and maintained.

Take away: Commit to following God’s framework for singleness or romantic relationships

Week three: It’s complicated

We are fallen people in a fallen world therefore relationships can be hard. Friendships can be fractured, marriages can be on the rocks and friction can exist as we try to relate to one another. Truth be told, relationships are often God’s crucible for spiritual maturity.

Take away: Allow the tension in your relationships to be a part of your spiritual maturity

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