The Last Letter Series

The Last Letter Series

4 Week Sermon Series: The Last Letter
If you knew it was the last time you would be able to write to someone you had poured your life into and loved like a son or daughter - what would you say to them? Paul, imprisoned in a cold dungeon for sharing Jesus with the world, is at the end of his life and his work. He pens a last letter we now know as 2 Timothy. This letter is a powerful and heartfelt note to his young apprentice, who is also a follower of Christ and serves with Paul. Paul shares his last thoughts on the most important principles and and truths to guide him in his life work of sharing the gospel and encouraging the church. He keeps it short and every word has great meaning. He writes the letter to Timothy, but it’s meant to be shared with the church in Ephesus and now - with us! Join us and experience Paul’s last letter for yourself!

The Four sermons are:

Week 1
Title No Shame
Subject Evangelism & Salvation
Scripture 2 Timothy 1:8-12 Love 1 Timothy 1:15-16 also
Focus Our shame was removed by the blood of Christ so we can't be ashamed to tell others
Purpose People who have not accepted Christ would seek forgiveness. Those who are believers would start investing in and inviting others

Week 2
Title Pass the Baton
Subject Discipleship - Leader Development
Scripture 2 Timothy 2:2
Focus We must identify and release leadership to increase Gospel spread
Purpose Our people, who are Jesus followers, would find at least one person to invest in over the next six months

Week 3
Title The Roadmap
Subject Reading the Bible
Scripture 2 Timothy 3:14-17 start in verse 10 - do life together
Focus Consistently reading the Bible and discussing it with others will change your life Purpose Our people who make it a priority to daily read the Bible and get into a LifeGroup to discuss what God is saying to us.

Week 4

Title Poured Out
Subject Full Devotion
Scripture 2 Timothy 4:5-8
Focus How you live your life will prepare you for death
Purpose Our people would give God their everything and focus on eternity and not temporal things.