Herald of Holiness - March 5, 1958

A gold cover to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the Church of the Nazarene.

02 The Fifth Anniversary Proclamation by Board of Superintendents

03 The Almighty God by Stephen S. White

04 50 Golden Years by John E. Riley

07 Evangelism: The Church’s Growing Edge by V. H. Lewis

09 The Sting of Death Is Gone by Everette D. Howard

10 What Hath God Wrought by M. Lunn

12 Sunday School Pays Off by Gordon T. Olsen

13 Honor Roll

14 Eyes on Brazil by Remiss Rehfeldt

17 The 1956-60 Quadrennial Program by Harvey S. Galloway

19 It’s A Wonderful Hour by A. F. Harper

20 Church in Action

22 God Has a Way of Matching Men and Mountains by S. T. Ludwig

24 A Creed to Live By by E. S. Phillips

28 Pals by Ponder W. Gilliland

28 Fifty Years of Growth Also Means Fifty Years of Responsibility by Dean Wessels

30 The Primacy of Evangelism by Russell V. De Long

32 Home Missions

34 Who Is Delinquent? by J. Fred Parker

36 A Message of Hope With Songs That Cheer by T. W. Willingham

38 This We Believe by H. Orton Wiley

39 Depend on God by Lois Duffield

40 Nazarene Foreign Missionary Society by Mary Scott

42 Edification through Education by Mendell Taylor

46 A Steward Prayer by Katheryn Blackburn Peck

47 The Abundant Life of Service by Kenneth S. Rice

48 After We’ve Trusted Him All Through the Night by Alice Hansche Mortenson

49 When Dr. Bresee Preached by A. O. Hendricks

51 Hymn

52 The Nazarene Creed


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