God, Man, and Salvation: A Biblical Theology

God, Man, and Salvation represents the finest of Nazarene biblical theology in the 1970s. The work of Drs. Purkiser, Taylor, and Taylor traces the the narrative of Scripture from end to end. It is divided into 10 sections: Creation and Covenant; Devotion and Duty-the Human Side of Salvation; The Prophetic Vision; The God of Our Salvation; The Creature of God's Saving Concern; A Saviour, Christ the Lord; Salvation through Christ; The Life of a Saved People; The Society of the Saved; and The Future in Salvation History. It is "a scholarly presentation of the progressive disclosure of God and His redemptive purpose as this is found in its preparatory form in the Old Testament and in its perfect expression in the New." (Taken from the foreward of the book) This will be a great resource for those seeking to understand Scripture and the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.


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