Family Foundations Series

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4 Week Sermon Series: The Family Plan
God created family as the basic relationship-building block of life on earth but it takes a fair amount of work to make family what God designed it to be. In The Family Plan, we’ll examine some of the key fundamentals of biblical family life, areas where people are especially struggling today. Great teams focus on getting the fundamentals right and when they do they win. God designed some fundamentals for family and when we live out those fundamentals the family wins, the church wins, the world wins, and yes, we win!

The Four sermons are:

Week 1
Title Taking the Risk Out of Marriage
Subject Choosing the Right spouse and being the right spouse
Scripture 1 Corinthians 7:36-39, Song of Solomon 1:1-8
Focus Your life-long mate is your choice, choose wisely, only among followers of Jesus. Your challenge isn’t just to find the spouse that fits all your criteria but to be the spouse God desires you to be.
Purpose If you want God's best for your marriage, start by choosing to hand the steering wheel of your life over to Jesus and follow His plan for marriage.

Week 2
Title Life Before and Beyond Divorce
Subject Divorce / a focus also on blended families
Scripture Matthew 5:31; Matthew 19:3-12
Focus Divorce is not a legal issue; it is a heart issue
Purpose God will give you the grace to stay and work to restore your marriage and the grace to soften your heart toward your ex in reconciliation. God hates Divorce because it destroys family and causes people to doubt His forever love.

Week 3
Title Fighting like Family
Subject Conflict
Scripture Ephesians 5:25-27, 4:25-32
Focus Conflict in marriage and in the church are the same. We have desires that someone is blocking and the book of Ephesians give us commands on how to work through them.
Purpose Families would learn how to handle conflict in a healthy way so their families would grow together instead of being ripped apart.

Week 4
Title Being Lonely is Optional, The Family of God means Never Being Alone
Subject The Church is to be family, no one is to live alone
Scripture Psalm 68:5-6, Mark 3:31-34, Romans 8:15, John 1:12-13,
Focus God created the church to be a family of families, the people of God caring for and loving one another so no one, and no family, is ever doing life alone.
Purpose Our people would become part of the family God created for them in the church and would help others find the deep family relationship offered to all who are followers of Christ.