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Christian education, one of the key ministries of the church, looks to the Bible, to theology, to Christian history, and to Christian expe­rience for the content of its teaching. It has a heritage of Christian truth to receive, understand, and transmit. It is also responsible to nurture Christian faith in persons to whom it ministers. It is Christian education.

But Christian education is also education. The laws of learning are common to all fields of knowledge. Christian education therefore needs to master the psychology of learning in order to relate these important principles to its own teaching-learning tasks in promoting the Christian faith.

All learners spend most of their time in a wider social context—in the home, the school, and society at large. Chris­tian education, therefore, needs to have an understanding of these institutions and forces in order to work with them constructively when that is possible, or in order to help the learners cope with these factors when they are adverse

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