The Almighty Dollar Series

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4 Week Sermon Series: The Almighty Dollar

Did you know money reveals who and what we’re really trusting in? The truth is how we handle money has the power to shape our lives and is tied to the blessings we long to receive in this life and the next. Unfortunately, money matters are an area we tend to hold back from Him and because of it we experience a spiritual poverty.
During this 4-week sermon series, we’ll discover how God wants us to handle the almighty dollar so we can receive and experience all that God has for us. Together, we’ll learn how to trust God with everything we have and position ourselves to receive the blessing He wants to pour into the lives of people who put Him first.

The Four sermons are:

Week 1
Title Un$trapped
Subject Generosity
Scripture Luke 19:1-10
Focus An encounter with Jesus will change how you view you view money
Purpose Our people would repent if they are holding back from God and give to Him generously. The most obvious lesson from this passage is the story of a transformed life and his encounter with Jesus immediately impacted Zacchaeus' pocketbook.

Week 2
Title Making Change
Subject Legacy: Leaving things better than we found them
Scripture Matthew 25:14-30
Focus Kingdom living means Kingdom giving
Purpose Our people would understand that the legacy they leave for the next generation depends on their generosity now – God uses the resources he pours through us to change lives and care for the people He loves! The parable of the talents forms the basis for our understanding of stewardship: caring for things that have been entrusted to us. It is a parable about leaving things better than we found them.

Week 3
Title In ____ We Trust
Subject Provision / Trust
Scripture Genesis 22:1-18; Philippians 4:19
Focus God doesn't always meet the need we think is our need
Purpose Our people would learn to trust Yahweh-Yireh (Jehovah-jireh) - the God who provides

Week 4
Title I’m Yours
Subject Tithing is putting God first
Scripture Luke 6:38, 1 Timothy 6:17-19
Focus The Principle of First. Your money shows who is first in your life. There is a direct relationship between what I do with my money and the spiritual depth in my life.
Purpose Our people would discover that if they put God first, trusting Him their giving and in their finances, they will be able to trust Him in every other area of their life. The “tithe” is not as much about money as it is about your heart.