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Table Manners



Table Talk

Sermon Series: Table Manners – Miraculous Meal

March 15, 2020


Table Talk 03/15/20 Wynne Lankford



Introduction (8 min)

Welcome everyone to your Table Talk small group. Watch the video and share the story below, then open up the discussion with the questions provided.

Table Talk Video: Table Manners – The Miraculous Meal

The story of Jesus is one braided together with preaching, teaching, and performing miracles. Everywhere Jesus went, he engaged in these three ministries. He preached to the crowds, taught in homes around the dinner table, and healed those who were in need as He went. 

Similarly, God has blessed us with four different Gospel accounts that all invite us into the story of Jesus through the eyes of one of His followers. Those accounts share different details, but braid together to give us a full picture of Jesus as the preacher, teacher, and healer. 

Did you know that the only miracle recorded in all four Gospels is the Feeding of the 5,000? This single miracle was so enthralling that all four Gospel writers, stretching over 50 years, couldn’t help but talk about it. It provides the perfect cameo of the Kingdom coming in Jesus. Crowds flock to Him. Jesus preaches, teaches, and performs miracles. He cares for human needs, displays authority over creation, sustains life, and invites his followers to share in doing God’s work.

Jesus is still bringing the Kingdom and inviting us to step into the needs around us in His empathy, authority, and power. What miracles does God want to do through you?

- Pastor Reggie Phillips


Prayer (3 minutes) 

Father God, open our eyes to what is possible. We live in a world of fear and limitation but you are the One who spoke into nothingness and created all things. All things are possible through you. May we see new ways to serve, dream new dreams, expect new miracles, and step forward in faith knowing nothing is impossible for you.


Starting the Discussion (4 minutes)

1.  What was the most memorable moment for you from the weekend services at Southside Church?


Unfolding the Biblical Story (31 minutes)

Read Luke 9:10-11

1.  Look at the story leading up to this one. What had the apostles been doing exactly?

2.  After returning victorious in accomplishing what Jesus sent them to do, why do you think he withdrew to somewhere else? Why not have a parade or a party instead?

Read Luke 9:12

1.  Do the disciples make a reasonable request of Jesus?

2.  They are outside of a small village with a very large crowd that has followed them from another city. No fast food. No hotels. No chain grocery stores. What do you think the disciples were feeling in this moment?

Read Luke 9:13-15

1.  Jesus immediately challenges what they think is possible and gives an invitation in the place of a problem. Has God challenged your response to fear recently?

2.  The disciples seem almost indignant as they respond. We learn in the other Gospel accounts they don’t even have the fish and bread, it is a small boy’s lunch that he offered in order to help the crowd. How different is this boy’s response to that of the disciples?

3.  The disciples were filled with faith the day before as they celebrated the miracles God had done through them. What has changed in 24 hours?

4.  Have you ever felt great faith and expected miracles on a mission trip but felt stifled by normalcy and low expectations at home?

Read Luke 9:16-17

1.  How does Jesus invite the disciples to be a part of the miracle? Did Jesus need them to be a part of this?

2.  That word satisfied has long caught my attention. What does that word tell us about the way Jesus ministered to the people?

3.  There were 12 baskets left over, one for each disciple to collect. How do you think they felt as they each returned to Jesus with a full basket of food in light of previously saying they didn’t have enough resources to help?


Making Scripture Personal (6 minutes) 

1.  Do you ever doubt that God is able to use you to do miraculous things in the lives of the people around you?

2.  What practical next step do you need to take to respond to God’s invitation to be a part of a miracle?


Prayer (3 minutes)

You did it God. You always do. You surprise the most skeptical among us and empower the weakest to shine forth your greatness. You are the miracle working God, and your heart’s desire, your perfect will, is that we get to be a part of the miracle. Father, we humbly acknowledge that we are a people who need our faith increased and our presumptions silenced. Open our eyes to see what you see and to believe what you desire will come to pass. We trust you, and we want to accept the invitation to become a part of the miracle solution to our world’s problems. We ask in faith in the name of Jesus, amen!


Wrapping Up (2 minutes)

See if anyone has lingering questions or insights to share from your time of study and prayer. Summarize the group discussion as a reminder of what you learned together.


Scripture Challenge (3 minutes)

For your scripture challenge this week, work with your group to try and memorize Luke 9:13 Practice it out loud together, write it out several times and recite it throughout the week. May we trust that God is inviting us to be the conduit of a miracle!



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